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In organic farm, a chicken lives more natural and considerably longer cycle of life. That is assured by 3 most important components: natural, non-polluted environment, breeding conditions and usage of ecological feed. In spacious automated farm, chickens can roam freely in 2 ha space, which is surrounded by rarely populated area with fresh air. Chickens are fed by only ecological feed which is cultivated in a same farm, so none of the extraneous chemical substances are getting into organism of a chicken.

What is eco production?

Ecological production – it is a single system of farm management and food production, consisting of the most efficient environmental practice, wide biological diversity, preservation of natural resources, application of high animal well – being standards and production method which is considered together with consumer‘s preferences for products made by using natural substances and processes. That is why ecological production method plays double part in a society: in this way, a specific market is distributed to meet the consumer demand for ecological products, and also, there is a specific benefit offered to a society, taking part in protection of environment, well – being of animals and development of rural areas.

How to distinguish, if product is ecological?

Consumer of ecological products can identify the organic product by its specific packaging marks. This marking indicates that the product was made according to equal requirements for ecological farming of all the EU. All the ecological products, made and distributed in the EU, are marked by specific logo of EU ecological production.

Ecoagrofarm fits all the requirements, presented for ecological chicken breeding farm, according to EU ecological certificate – LT-EKO-001. (Certified by the only representative company in Lithuania “Ekoagros“.)

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10 reasons why

Why choose organic chicken?

Ecological poultry farming distinguishes from non – ecological by stricter veterinary and animal well – being requirements.

Production method Standart chicken Ecological
Lifespan around 31-40 days around 81 days

No standards or permanent control are applied

Growth enhancing products, synthetic protein, genetically modified organisms and antibiotics are being used in chicken breeding.

Strict requirements and standards

100 pct. Ecological feed

No antibiotics
No growth hormones

Food allowance must contain large fodder (organic vegetables), raw or dried feed and silage.

100 % green organic feed, mostly ecological grain (minimal proportion 70-75 %), additional protein supplements (organic peas, soy beans and so on).

Living conditions
  • Strictly limited movement, without possibility to get into the outside field;
  • Artificial lighting provoking to feed 24 hours a day.
  • Free movement inside the coops and free access into the outside field;
  • Rain and wind proof outside pergola secures a possibility to enter outside at all four seasons;
  • Natural daylight (through windows), which assures a natural cycle of a day.
Bird density inside the coops and additionally year-around free access into the outside field with space of:

17-23 chickens/m²


5 – 6 chickens/m²

2 ha of field / or 4m² / 1 chicken

Guarantee of quality and surveillance

Constant scheduled and non-scheduled visits of accredited institutions.

Certificated are:

Feed, breeding premises, transportation and storage.

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Feel free to contact us for any information related to production process, farm operation or purchase of the product.

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