Organic chicken breast fillet

The organic chicken breast is vacuum-packed in boxes of approximately 280 g.

The price is per pack. 1 piece is approximately 280 g.

Once Your order is ready, if the product weight is less than 280 g, the overpayment will be refunded automatically within 2 business days.

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The organic chicken breast fillet is distinguished by the best nutritional properties.

As chickens are raised organically and for a long period of time (from 81 days even up to 110 days), the weight of the chickens may vary.

The actual appearance of the product may slightly differ from the photo. We remind You that Ecoagrofarm production is mostly manually produced, which is why the shape and appearance may differ. The information on the product packaging is more detailed, therefore, we always recommend to read the description on the product packaging.

THE MEAT IS PACKED from 1 piece. Since the weight of this product is variable, the exact amount for the product will be known after packing Your order. We will seek to maintain the weight as close as possible to the order.

Expires after 3 days. Ecoagrofarm products are not treated with any additional substances required to extend the shelf life.